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TweetChirp Assistant is the only software designed to play over 700 birdcalls in the field on any Windows Mobile 5.0, PocketPC or PalmOS (version 5.2 or higher) based personal organizer. Using the speaker on such a device as Compaq's iPAQ or Palm Tungsten T5, the user can simply scroll down a list of birds and click on the desired one to trigger its call.

TweetChirp also functions as a bird watching diary allowing users to record their bird sightings according to various details such as species, date, time, weather and location. The bird lists themselves are divided into 50 US States, 10 Canadian Provinces, and 3 Canadian Territories (Nunavut is included) and can be customized by the user. There are some 965 species of birds in North America of which TweetChirp Assistant covers over 700.

Birds use calls for a variety of purposes such as: territorial warnings, alarm calls, flock contacts, and nesting coos. It is no secret that by mimicking these sounds, not only do birds often call back, but they can also fly in closer to investigate the source of the call. To a bird watcher this means being able to hear and see species that might otherwise stay silent or out of sight. By associating the birdcalls with the species of bird TweetChirp Assistant also acts as an effective learning tool allowing users to better identify birdcalls in the wild. Click on the iPAQ to the left to see and hear an interactive demo!

TweetChirp Assistant Application PLUS ONE Region of Bird Songs

(20 - 80 Megabytes)

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